LysaThuy: Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

Back in college, I had a group of friends who shared a similar interest for The Simpsons. They often compared me to the Lisa Simpson character because she was nerdy and boring. Obviously, my name is Lynda with a “Y”, but to be funny they would literally call me “Lysa with a Y”. I always thought it was silly because NOBODY spells their name Lisa with a Y! Fast forward many years later, I meet Lysa… with a Y. Coincidence? Maybe. But I’m a firm believer of things happening for a reason!

A couple months ago, I approached Lysa with an idea for starting a fashion blog based on her Instagram activity. Through getting to know her, I found out she’s also an excellent cook. We have so many ideas brewing and just can’t wait to share it with everyone!

Here is our first production: LysaThuy – Fashion and Lifestyle Blog ( She will be highlighting her fashion, cooking, skin care among other things. My photography will also be featured on her site from time to time. Check it out and let us know what you think! Make sure to follow Lysa on Instagram, if you haven’t done so already – @lysathuy




Quick photoshoot at Huntington Beach pier with Lysa and my Canon 70D. Loving the reflections on the sand. I have a feeling we are going to make a pretty good team!


Engagement Photo Session: Anthony & Kathy

Big thanks to Anthony and Kathy for letting me photograph them for a practice engagement photo session. (Disclaimer: These are not their official engagement photos!) This whole photography thing is a learning process and I feel like I still have so much to learn.

We set up a little picnic area at Yorba Regional Park. Here is the lovely couple drinking some wine.

Anthony couldn’t keep his eyes open for this shot. Doh!

This was the first time I experienced the “Golden Hour” of photography.

Look at all the pretty warm sun light behind the trees.

A close up of our picnic setup.