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Lynda Tran

Lynda TranLynda Tran is a freelance web consultant. She specializes in front-end design and programming. Lynda is also a budding photographer and enjoys playing poker during her free time.

Lynda Tran was born and raised in Monterey, California. Growing up, she loved reading books, playing video games and learning card games. She moved to Texas for high school and returned to California for college. Lynda received a scholarship to UC Riverside as a pre-med student. She eventually changed her major to Computer Science and graduated with honors and top of her class as Magna Cum Laude.

Lynda received a job offer as Web Administrator for the California State University. After four years, she transitioned into the private sector and landed a position as Marketing Manager for ERI/VHA. There she managed millions of dollars in marketing campaigns for their Sprint, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile prepaid partners.

When her mother became ill in 2009, Lynda decided to quit working to focus on her family. Since then she been freelancing as a web consultant (Lynq Media).

In 2010, she started playing poker professionally. To date, she has earned an estimated quarter million dollars in live poker tournament winnings.

Lynda met her husband, Turbo, while playing poker. They married in 2014 and currently reside in Los Angeles. They have two dogs named Lucky and Max, a bichon frise and maltipoo.

In addition to her many talents, Lynda is now learning photography. Her dream is to travel the world and capture beautiful scenes and happy beings. Lynda is co-founder of TeamK Studios, a photo and video production crew. They are best known for their photo booth services.

She recently partnered with LysaThuy Pham to launch an online clothing store. Lynda is a senior photographer for Lysa’s fashion and lifestyle blog.

Follow Lynda Tran on twitter @lyndatran and her Instagram @lynnieda.

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