Free Photo Sessions

I’ve decided to take another year to refine my photography skills. There is still so much to learn and I have yet to find my ‘style’. So, I will be giving away free photo sessions for the rest of the year to family and friends! And for referrals I will evaluate them case by case, so send over their requests. Please contact me if you would like to book a session.


Back from Hiatus

Just a quick post… I’ve been busy working on my photography portfolio and closing out some really big online projects. Can’t wait to reveal what I’ve done these past couple of months. My Instagram for photography is @capturedbylynda.



Cancun Beach Bachelorette

Last weekend, we celebrated my cousin’s bachelorette party in Cancun. We stayed in a nice villa at Omni Cancun All-Inclusive Hotel. There were many more fun photos I wish I could post, but you know what they say… What Happens in Cancun, Stays in Cancun! 😛

An obligatory jumping photo. This is a screenshot from a video capture since we couldn’t get the timing right for still shots.

The water in Cancun is so blue. I can only imagine how much more blue it would be at other destinations.

Kissing the Miss Goodbye!

A few days before we flew in, I went downtown and got some pretty fabric for our photo shoot.


My cousins make such great models!

Google Search SEO Update for I moved up 9 spots since last week. Almost back on Page 1. Slowly, but surely!


Portrait Sessions at Mile Square Park

This was the first time I really ever used a DSLR camera. I stopped by Samy’s Camera and picked up a Sigma 24-70mm lens right before I got to the park. My friends Tommy and Pat were also there testing out their own gear and helping with lighting issues. We didn’t get it quite right, but it wasn’t bad for our first try.

My lens was fixed on Auto Focus the entire time and I wasn’t familiar with all the settings yet, but somehow I still managed to get a few decent shots. Here are some of my favorites:

Julie is all about floral crowns.

Found this interesting tunnel in the middle of the park. It made for a pretty cool backlight effect.

We invited our friends to come out for some family portrait shots…

In case you’re wondering, YES – the two girls are twins. Not only are they gorgeous, but also very smart and business savvy. Check out their online clothing store

Thu “Thunder” Nguyen and his lovely wife Christine

Isn’t this one great looking family?