Live at the Bike!


Introducing the new and improved Live at the Bike website! Completely redesigned logo, majority of photography AND website development were all done by Lynq Media (that’s my business name). It feels great to finally have this site up and running. I’ve been working on this ever since we got back from our Asia trip. More time and effort than originally expected, but it was worth it because I learned a lot of new coding tricks. Kudos to Nichoel Jurgens for her direction and facilitating the content, and the LATB team and their subscribers.


Beware of SEO Companies

Family and Friends – Please don’t fall prey to SEO companies promising they will increase your Search Engine rankings! They convince you to completely redesign your website and then charge a monthly fee which can be quite costly. What they do is install a very ugly template which they use for a lot of other companies, and then they do practically nothing every month and hope that you forget about the fees.

This has happened to many people I know. Just ask me and I will tell you what you need to know, FOR FREE. It takes a little time and work but will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Google Search Ranking update:
Ironically, while writing this, I happen to be struggling to be on top of searches for “Lynda Tran”… but at least I’m on the first page again. I can’t wait for the Presidential Election to be over so this other “Lynda Tran” will fall off the grid. She’s some political commentator or analyst. *yawn*


Google Me

I don’t usually Google myself, but I’ve been doing a lot of SEO work lately and was curious how I now rank compared to other Lynda Trans of the world… especially after this new ranking system Google has implemented.

When I search for “Lynda Tran”, the second result is my Twitter account @lyndatran, and below are a few of my Google Plus galleries. On Page 2, there are a few Poker related articles and at the VERY bottom #20 is my website 🙁 In the realm of websites and SEO, this is VERY embarrassing. If I own, I should be #1 on Page 1. No one cares about #2!

And that is why I have relaunched my website,, for the millionth time. I must dedicate to blogging a lot more often in order to keep the content fresh and my Google ranking up.

Let’s see how long it takes for me to get back to #1… stay tuned!