New Camera, New Lens, New Location

For my birthday Turbo got me a brand spanking new camera – the Canon 5D Mark III. I’m so mad at myself for not going big for my first camera. The 70D’s quality is poor compared to this monster. And then for our 1st year anniversary he got me a Canon Telephoto 2.8 IS II USM lens which I’ve been eying for a long time. That baby takes super quick and sharp pictures! My photography has definitely improved thanks to these new items.

We winged it in downtown LA a couple weeks ago and chose the Disney Hall exterior for some product shots. I barely edited any of these photos. It’s really hard to capture bad photos at this location. The architecture and lighting are amazing.



Then we headed over to the warehouse area and found a rooftop for some shots. We stumbled upon a spot exclusively meant for photo shoots and movies, and the guy said we could probably use it for free anytime! Woot~


I don’t know why, but all my guy friends like this shot below. I thought she was posed awkwardly, but I guess the best photos are supposed to be awkward? Shrug.


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