WSOP 2015 Summer

Boy, this year’s WSOP flew by so quickly! We were in Vegas from end of May all the way to mid-July, with a few weekend breaks here and there. It was a fun ride, but nothing beats being home.

We arrived with high hopes, like every other year. Thanks to my buddies and the hubby, I was able to play the 10K Main Event for the very first time in my life. Although we didn’t make any money, it was great experience and I can’t wait for the next one!


Work piled in during June and July, so I didn’t get to play as much poker as I wanted to. I played the Colossus, Monsterstack, Millionaire Maker, Little 1 Drop, and Lucky 777. I doubled my stack within the first 1-2 levels every time, but things would go downhill after. I have yet to ‘run good’ in any event, but hopefully my time will come.

Big shoutout to Nipun Java for finishing 2nd in the $3K PLO event. We had a small piece, so it was a pretty good sweat. Our railbirding results are quite phenomenal, ask anyone!


Last year, I went to EDC and told myself I would never EVER go again. But FOMO hit me hard and I ended up breaking that promise… it helped that the tickets were free and our friends had table service. 🙂 (Photo below by @handrogyny)


I am no angel, and I have experimented with this and that in the past. These past couple of years, I have somehow developed a natural high for life and I do not need alcohol or drugs to make me feel happy. I wake up every morning excited to make things happen, and fall asleep every night feeling accomplished. So much of my life was spent in darkness, that being in the light now is such a relief. I hope to spread this positive energy to all those around me. It’s an indescribable feeling, but I’ll try my best to put it into words (ask me when you see me!).

The last girl cousin of my OG crew finally got hitched. Congrats to Tiff and Thysy! It was an honor being a part of your special day.


The hubby spoiled me this year and got me a Canon 5D Mark III for my birthday. For months, I was struggling with the quality of my photos which were taken from the 70D. The 5D camera makes such a HUGE difference. Just look at these shots below. I’m pretty late in the photography game but I feel like I’m getting better and better with every session. It takes people years to master this art, and I’m trying to master it in a matter of months. Can’t expect to be great right away, and like I always say… practice makes perfect!